January 23, 2012  ~/~  Chinese New Year of the Dragon James Fell

Certificate Courses, Classes, and Private Training

Dragon Mountain Wing Chun Kung Fu
Full Combat Wing Chun by Jiu Wan and Ip Man Lineage

Chin Na Kung Fu
Seize and Control, Capture and Hold, Joint Locks and Flows, and Put Downs
Northern Shaolin Yang Style, Tai Ji Quan, by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

Southern Style, by Jiu Wan and Ip Man Lineage

Art Of Defense Kung Fu
Common Sense Battle Tactics
Advanced Combat Fighting Tactics
Self Defense for Women, Children, Men

Sword Fighting, Combat Fencing, Sword Dueling
European, Chinese, Japanese, American, Historic Swordmanship
Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA)

Combat Weapons Training, Weapons Self Defense
Any single handed or double handed short or long weapon
Knives, Clubs, Hammers, Hatchets, Machetes, Swords, Spears

Philippine Martial Arts, Kali, Escrima, Arnice, Stick, Sword, Knife
Single stick and double stick, sword and knife, Sembrata and Sinawali.
Attack, Defense, and Disarms

Archery, Bow and Arrow
Kids Trainer Bow, Recurve Bow, Compound Bow, Cross Bow
Movable target for training short, medium, and long distance up to 100 feet

These specific applications also available
Rapier dueling
HEMA sword fighting
Long Sword and Saber fighting
Japanese sword fighting

Chinese sword fighting
Escrima sword fighting
Kali stick fighting
Knife, Club, firearm disarms
Knife fighting and disarms

Disarms for any one or two handed weapon or spear
Common Sense Battle Tactics
Advanced Combat Fighting Tactics


Dragon James Fell -

Instructor Certifications
Wing Chun Kung Fu - Certified Instructor
Eskrima - Certified Instructor
Saber and Long Sword - Certified Instructor



Chinese Martial Arts
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