Dragon Wing Chun    ~  January 23, 2012 Chinese New Year of the Dragon James Fell

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January-March, 2021 ~/~ Quartly News Letter

Hello all Si-Dai and Si-Mui , Toe-Dai, Students,
(Junior Kung Fu Brothers and Junior Kung Fu Sisters, Disciples, Students)


We had a GREAT year 2020, even with the virus.

The new year 2021 is looking up with an influx of new students attending in January.


We should be having our quarterly seminar around end of March.

The FREE 5 hour Wing Chun seminar is from 8am to 1pm. At halftime, there will be a FREE cookout with burgers and brats, buns and sodas.

I have never asked anyone to pay for the seminars and I always take care of all the cooking supplies, and I bring the meats and buns.

The seminar will be on the Wing Chun Chinese swords(butterfly swords), and the Baat Chaam Dao Fa (the sword form, basic and advanced), and Wing Chun swords applications sword against sword and against the Wing Chun Chinese spear.


If the weather is cold or raining or worse, we will be inside the heated qwoon, else if nice weather we'll be in front of the qwoon on the concrete.


The school curriculum Wing Chun base foundation of subject matter and technology is changing.

The new Wing Chun base foundation of subject matter and technology curriculum will now be on a 6 month repeating cycle. Each category will be one month. This will allow students to train on category material more quickly and twice a year instead of once a year.


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